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The GCI Board of Directors is seeking member input on one of the changes under consideration for the 2016/17
Ranch class.
The Ranch class encourages the participation of new riders and horses, while providing them with the experience and
confidence to graduate into the cutting classes.   The club offers exceptionally low entry fees as an incentive to
participate in the class  by using rework cattle.    
One change under consideration could improve Ranch class herds by adding one fresh cow per entry to reworks (two
cows total per entry).   The downside is that the club will need to cover the added cost by increasing the standard
Ranch class entry fee from $50 to $90.   

1.       Do the members competing in the Ranch class believe the addition of fresh cattle to the herd is worth an extra
2.       Would a $90 Ranch class entry fee inhibit you from entering even if fresh cattle are included with reworks in the

Please email your answers and comments to us at by 10/28/16 and watch for other
changes as we seek to better differentiate the levels of riders and horses qualifying to enter the Ranch class.
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CLASS ORDER (pending
35,000 NON-PRO
2,000 ANY H/R
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Special Request From the Board:
General Business:
Please welcome the 2016-17 GCI board.  New to the board is Joel Bethke, Judy Blasczyk, Erik Dahlstrom, Kellie
Lindholm, and Jennifer Ray.  Returning members are Richard Anderson, Amanda Bettencourt, Bob Branco, Lynn
Kaminski, Debby Kline, Billy Martin, Stacey Watson and Graham Williams, Past president Charlene Boyd continues as
Advisor to the Board of Directors.  We thank Charlene for her leadership and many contributions during her term as

A productive transitional board meeting was held on October 3rd.  You may be aware that the nominating committee
had been unable to identify any member(s) willing to stand for election as president.  In accordance with Gabilan
Cutters Inc. bylaw 10.4, which specifies that vacant officer roles be filled by hierarchical advancement, Graham
Williams, elected to the role of vice president, automatically becomes president.  The board voted to endorse the
change and we thank Graham for agreeing to step up.  

In other business; committee assignments were made, future show dates addressed, class changes and changes to
the ranch class rules initiated.  We expect to have all new changes to our rules and show dates confirmed and posted
on the website one to two weeks prior to the November show.  We look forward to seeing you all there!